Assia Djebar – A great novelist

Assia Djebar – A great novelist

Can you just believe a vibrant writer replicated the troubles and worries that are faced by the Muslim women community? Assia Djebar was one among them who get suffered from the problem and worries. She started creating an awareness chain about what is going on among the circle with her words and action. Without getting any proper support she came forward and worked towards publishing 15 books. Each book starts to pinpoint what are all the troubles and problems that they had faced.

Not only this but also her book got translated into 23 different languages and it was read by all community people. She received the award on many special occasions for her writing skill and her flow. For many times she was just navigating from one place to the other she has split her time travelling between the France and US.

Assia Djebar was the best filmmaker

Yes, of course, she never limited herself only with her writings she also stood single. Directed and edited the film and she also got the prizes. She got many literacy rewards like the Neustadt International Literary prize and Italy’s International prize etc. In 1970 she began to study French for enlarging the way of her expression and in her later novel she also used that.

Assia Djebar has explored her struggle during the social emancipation world where the complexities rise over there. Her strong initiative and thoughts have made her popular; she was born on the Cherchell that is a small coastal town area that is located near Algiers. She has attended her primary school in Algeries after that she moved to the French for her higher studies. In 1958 she has married Ahmed Ould-Rouis who was a member of the Resistance their marriage was not successful. It ends up with a divorce and in 1980 she again got married to Malek Alloula who was a poet.